What is Naturopathy?
Naturopathy is a system of healthcare which encourages and promotes the body's natural healing abilities using a combined approach of natural therapies. Naturopathy is sometimes referred to as 'Nature Cure' and the aim of a naturopathic treatment is to provide the best conditions for the body to start healing itself.

Treat the Disease, not just the symptoms.
Our body's self-healing abilities are profound, and often overlooked in conventional medicine. Instead of seeing a person's symptoms as the disease, naturopaths look on them as outward messages of an underlying imbalance. We take a holistic view of the body, and seek to address the underlying cause of the symptoms, not mask them. 

Prevention and Cure
Through the principle of treating the body as a whole, naturopaths aim to prevent disease as well as stimulating and supporting the healing process. We read the body's messages and seek to treat a condition before serious symptoms manifest. However, even if strong symptoms are present, excellent treatment results can be attained. Naturopathy involves a wide range of natural therapies, but is mainly focused on diet and nutritional therapy, detoxification, hydrotherapy, fasting and lifestyle advice, along with Bach flower remedies, tissue salts and homeopathy. 

The Naturopathic Principles
  • The Healing Power of Nature). There is a 'Life Force' that, given the right conditions, will self heal or self correct.(Vis Medicatrix Naturae)
  •  Prevention is preferable to cure.
  •  The root (underlying) cause of a disorder is identified and treated, not just the branches (symptoms).
  • The whole person is treated. 
  • Health is much greater than just 'absence of infirmity'. It should be abundant vitality. 
  • The person is treated, not the disease. 
  • The individual is unique, and each person responds differently.
  •  All disease starts with an imbalance of the body's mechanisms, and health is returned once the balanced is returned. 
  • Ill health is the product of the internal environment rather than external influences.
  • Deficiency and excess - deficiency requires building up, whereas excess toxic conditions need to be broken down. 
  • Ailments should not be suppressed - symptoms are there for a reason and are manifestations of nature's healing force.
All Reflexology and Acupuncture Consultations include Naturopathic advice and philosphy.  However a naturopathic consultation can be booked individually.  This will include - 

Full Consultation including Medical History, Diet and Lifestyle
Blood Pressure Check
Tongue Diagnosis
Pulse Asssessment
Ph Saliva to assess Acid/Alkaline status
Urinalysis - if required
Lifesyle Advice and supplementation/herbal recommendation


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