Reflexology for Children

Why Reflexology for Children?

Children of all ages can really benefit from reflexology. Reflexology is just as effective when used on children as any adult. Possibly more effective, for two reasons - they have had less experience of the trials and tribulations of life and so tend to bring with them less "emotional baggage" and the problems they have tend to be fairly new and therefore have had less chance to do damage to the body as a whole. 

Children of all ages can get some wonderful benefits from having treatments. If your baby or child is experiencing any health challenges or feeling emotional then reflexology could make a difference.

Babies can benefit in many ways:

  • Be calmer

  • More content

  • Rested and sleep well

  • Generally more comfortable

  • Find it easier to digest

Children can be supported by a reflexology treatment and may benefit in numerous ways i.e.:-

  • Better concentration

  • More relaxed

  • More comfortable

  • Less agitated

  • Calmer

  • More focused

  • Feel healthier

  • More balanced energy and moods


A parent will always be present during treatment. Simple points and techniques can be taught to parents for home use. Treatment time is shorter 30-40 mins depending on age of child. Acupuncture can be combined with treatment also.  This can be discussed at consultation.


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